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How to Qualify

To qualify for bond money there are multiple criteria you must meet.  BondMoney.com streamlines the qualification process by allowing you to create a home buyer profile.  Your profile is then matched to bond program criteria.  The criteria are based on a combination of information. 

Household size - the number of people that will occupy the home as their primary residence.  This includes adults and children.

Household income - before tax income limits based on the household size and location of property.

Property location - non target and target areas.  This designation can be based on state, county, census tract and other criteria.

Previous home ownership - if you have not owned a home in three years you are considered a first time buyer.  You do not have to be a first time buyer to use bond money if you purchase a home in a target area.

Based on your previous home ownership, household size and income a specific address may or may not qualify for the bond program.  

In addition to the criteria for the bond program, the home buyer must also meet standard loan guidelines such as credit, income and debt analysis, job stability specific to Conventional, FHA, VA or Rural Development depending on the type of loan being combined the bond money.

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